Sell ​​leather puppet crafts typical of Central Java Indonesia

Wayang today is a form of puppet theater's most ancient and most popular in the world. Hundreds of people will wake up late to watch a puppet show performed by the mastermind, mastermind is a director in puppet. Some of the most famous puppeteer in the history of puppet recently including;
Nartosabdho Ki, Ki Anom Suroto, Asep Sunarya Ki, Ki Sugino, and Ki Manteb Sudarsono. Shadow puppets are made in this type of Puppet Purwa, which describes the character of good character, humorous, and evil. The main character is a group that defends the good of the Pandavas, known as the five Pandavas are five brothers from the old to the young: Puntadewa / Yudhishthira, Werkudara / Bima, Janoko / Arjuna, Nakula / Tripala, and Sahadev / Darmaganti.

Wayang or shadow puppets, shadow puppets prevalent in Java and Bali in Indonesia, without a doubt the best known of the Indonesian wayang. Means the shadow of the skin, and skin refers to the construction of the doll carefully chiseled with very simple tools and supported by the control rod (clamp), the structure is made of buffalo horn pinchers formed manual / handmade, careful control rod handle clamp or this.
Puppet stories are usually drawn from the Ramayana story, Bharatayuda or Fiber Menak.
There is a family of characters in Javanese puppet called Abdi Punakawan, they are sometimes referred to as "Punakawan" because they are usually associated with stories of heroism, and provide humorous and philosophical interludes. Semar is the father of Gareng (eldest son), Petruk, and Bagong (youngest child). This character is not derived from the Hindu epics, but added later, perhaps to introduce religious aspects into Javanese wayang stories.

Wayang as style Carved Dolls themselves vary from each region. In Central Java city of Surakarta (Solo), puppets solo style is a style of doll's most famous and most frequently imitated. Regional style shadow puppets can also be found in West Java, Banyumas, Cirebon, Semarang, Java and East Java. Bali produces more compact and naturalistic style, and Lombok has a style that represents real people. Often modern-world objects as bicycles, automobiles, airplanes and ships will be added for comic effect, but for the most part the traditional puppet designs have changed little in 300 years. Puppet as seen from the shadow and the original is very beautiful and has a value of high art and culture class. 

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